The Pros and Cons of Working from Home on the Internet as an Independent Freelance Essay Writer

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Working from home as an independent essay writer is one of the most flexible jobs today. Although it has significant advantages, it also has some disadvantages that make it difficult. Therefore, one has to weigh the advantages and disadvantages in order to decide whether to join the profession.

Essay Freelance Writer: The Pros

The work allows for flexibility because the writer has the freedom to determine his or her schedule. Since the work is online and the writer works for him or herself, he has the freedom to work at his or her convenience and from any location. The lack of an immediate boss enhances the flexibility of the job. This means getting a day off is not a problem in the profession. The writer only has to ensure that there is enough time to meet deadlines and handle the backlog before taking a break. It also reduces the costs for the professional in terms of commuting. Since the individual can work from home, he saves time and money, which would be spent commuting.

There is no limitation on monthly income. This is not a job with a fixed income because the earnings depend on innovation and activity level of the writer. Unlike working for a company that keeps the earnings within the company, independent essay writing enables the writer to gain adequate rewards for the effort dedicated to the work. The job is gratifying and empowering because the individual is responsible for his or her success. Most of the freelance essay writers are self-made and develop their skills from a simple idea. This increases the gratification felt from the job making it lucrative for the writer. Freelance writers have many clients, which gives them flexibility to choose clients. This prevents situations where the writer has to put up with a difficult or ungrateful client. Unlike other jobs, where the employee would have to resign, essay freelance writing enables the writer to avoid occasional unpleasant experiences with clients. This reduces the chances of dissatisfaction for the client by the work.

Essay Freelance Writer: The Cons

The job can be daunting because of the interaction between work and life. Work can easily take over the individual’s life if allowed. The freedom allowed on the job requires the writer to be disciplined in order to separate work and life. Distractions such as social media could result in low productivity and long working hours. Freelance writing can be tempting for the individual resulting in extremely heavy workloads and little time for relaxing, furthermore, failing to create time for leisure and recuperation results in burnout.

The chances for making reasonable income are not always given. The writer has to sift through in order to avoid clients that want work done for low wages. Since many writers are willing to work for cheap, one has to work hard in order to find appropriate freelance writing jobs.

Relationships and interactions with clients and editors may be strained because of the nature of the work. Research writing relies on the instructions about the work, which may not be provided by some clients. Communication problems may result in discontent or the client thus spoiling the relationship. Some people are difficult to satisfy and may end up cancelling work that the writer completed professionally and in accordance to the instructions. This coupled with the likelihood of people stealing ideas and failing to hire the writer can make the job frustrating.

In conclusion, freelance writing provides opportunities for personal growth and can enable one to make a decent income. However, success depends on the ability to manage time and provide quality work in order to get repeat customers. The possibilities for success are high with the right amount of effort applied to getting the work and performing to the satisfaction of the clients. Of course, one has to be ready for a few disappointments.

What Students Should Expect from an Ideal Custom Essay Writing and Research Company?

In general, there are several primary expectations associated with services of research companies. To begin with, students expect a high quality of work that can help them to achieve their academical aims and receive wonderful grades. There is no doubt that student should expect high quality of the final intellectual product taking into account that they pay for it. In my opinion, a high quality of provided researches is an important prerequisite of a successful development of research companies. Satisfaction of students with quality of received works would result in positive reviews online and references that would attract new customers and promote research companies. High quality is implemented by means of the appropriate lexicological, semantic, grammatical and syntactical contents of works. Works should be monitored by professional proofreaders who are destined to leave comments regarding writers' skills and stimulate writers' development as well as ensure a stable high quality of conducted researches. Besides, it is important for research companies to hire qualified professional writers or linguists with experience of research work. A reasonable recruiting policy is essential for satisfying customers with a high quality of works.

Another expectation is delivering research works on time according to the established deadlines. Of course, students should expect to be assisted with work when they are in need of it. There is absolutely no point for them to pay for services if the purchased services are delayed and eventually fail to facilitate a students' academical progress. Hence, it is important for research companies to establish the policy of zero tolerance and the system of fines for delays in order to prevent the potential problem.

Besides, students should expect a fast and effective customer support. Academic tasks may be updated when the work is in progress. Besides, students may wish to specify certain aspects of tasks. A great customer support makes customers secure about cooperation with research companies. Moreover, every student should expect establishing a productive communication with the concrete writer dealing with the task. It will produce a strong positive impact on the whole process of work resulting in a better outcome of cooperation between the student and the research company. Customer service aspect becomes more prominent in case if a revision is required for the improvement of service and achievement of a desirable quality of work.

In my opinion, students also should expect reasonable pricing of services. There is a significant competition in the market among research companies. Naturally, prices of services are correlated with reputation of companies, their standards and level of work quality. Hence, it is important for research companies to evaluate their corporate peculiarities, the market situation and other circumstances before establishing a pricing policy. Besides, there may be adopted a system of discounts for devoted customers making them more interested to use the company's services on the regular basis.

Moreover, students should expect politeness and a positive friendly attitude from all the employees of research companies. This assumption applies not only to customer service but also to writers. There is no doubt that a wonderful attitude and excellent communicative skills of employees attract more customers and make the current customers more satisfied with services.

Hence, it is natural for students to expect a high quality of provided researches, delivery of works before deadline, an effective customer support, a reasonable pricing of services, and a friendly attitude of employees. The mentioned expectations are correlated with the general concept of a good research company able to satisfy the needs of clients and perform on a high quality level.

College Term Papers - Writing Tips

Like any other research papers, term papers require the writer to obtain materials for developing them from the various sources of research. The materials under research must be collected, studied and evaluated by the writer before presenting it in an organized manner that is easy to understand. The following tips serves as the guideline to the writer towards the process of writing an excellent college term paper.

I. Research Topic

In most cases, the topic is to be researched is given. However, the writer may be given an open opportunity to choose his or her topic of research. When given a specific topic, the writer ought to answer a couple of questions before deciding on the topic so as to obtain background information about for approaching the research topic (Gould, 2012).

i. What are the key terms that need definition?
ii. What are the problems involved?
iii. Who is involved in the problems identified?
iv. What is the historical background of the topic?
v. What are people’s opinions about the topic?
vi. What are solutions proposed for the problem statement?

II. Brainstorming Your Topic

This refers to the process of generating as many ideas as possible before settling on one specific idea.

In open cases, the writer can choose a topic from current issues or anything that he or she is comfortable with. However, it is worth noting to avoid subjects that are too broad and bizarre (Eby, 2012). A topic like the ‘World Art’ is quit broad and should rather be narrowed to something like “The 19th century paintings”.

III. Beginning Your Research

After narrowing down your topic of the college term paper, you move forward to searching the various sources available for information. These sources include: the library resources, internet, books, periodicals, newspaper articles encyclopedias and any other relevant source available.

IV. Outlining your paper

A well-organized paper can be understood easily. Having done the research, it is important to form a well-structured outline containing the headings and subheadings and all the main points to be covered.

The main purposes of an outline are:

• To assist the writer in basic definition and structure of the term paper.

• To assist the writer in organizing his or her thoughts and build the basis for the first draft.

V. The First Draft

After collecting all materials and notes, the writer should think of organizing his or her term paper. This is basically the inclusion of important points to support the thesis (Roberts, 2010). However, the general purpose of most term papers is to make a point or defend it. Others give information about something.

VI. Writing the Paper

After completion of the first draft, the writer can then proceed to writing the final draft. It should contain the cover page, introduction body, summary as well as the conclusion.

Thesis statement

This is the point that the writer is writing about. In other words, it defines the purpose of the term paper. The thesis statement must be accompanied by other several statements to support it.

VII. Proofreading and Revising

After typing the term paper, the writer should re-read the paper and correct all grammatical errors.

VIII. Documenting (Citing) Your Sources

This is done during the research to avoid plagiarism. All information collected must contain in-text citations in the appropriate formatting style as instructed. including those that were paraphrased.

IX. Delivery

This means how the term paper is presented in terms of its style and the general look. It should be well presented so as to gain the ‘angle effect’ of the marker. That is its appearance only calls for additional favorable response.


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An Example Freelance Writer Application Email

My name is Shane, im a freelance writer that grew up in Sydney, Australia. I've always had a knack for writing, in a way I always seemed to be naturally attracted to it, I excel in areas such as creative writing, summaries, reviews and lists.

Naturally my creative side took over and I started making a comic about three years ago, it's nowhere near complete due to the plethora of characters and lore involved and the fact that it's a one man operation. Reviews, good films, intelligent hip hop and recreational flirting (yes you read that correctly) are some of my other interests. I believe my education is optimal for this kind of work, seeing as how my grades were always excellent and the fact that I grew up educated from private schools. I am currently studying business administration, I've almost finished my second year and it's going pretty well.

To be honest the main reason I want this job is that I currently need to pay off some medical bills (no that wasn't an empathy move I'm just being honest) and I've had trouble with similar sites like this in the pasts, namely with Essay Writer, a site which sadly wasted a lot of my time and was certainly not up to the standards it promised itself to be.

I'm also currently in the process of compiling several lists for List Verse, the aforementioned lists which include various topics are my favorite type of work mainly because they give me freedom of creativity, something which I thrive on. Another reason I am really passionate about this job is because this is also one of the best jobs that are currently available to me, because anyone with common sense could tell you that writing research papers from the comfort of your own home with intent to help someone else, learn something that might possibly be useful in the future and of course make some money in the process easily beats being a receptionist.

I always put in 100% when I'm working, and am always proud of my work no matter what genre or what type of work it is, whether I'm trying to compile a list of the most well-known marketing techniques, checking in guests at a hotel or knocking over a 2-page essay about myself and my writing skills and why I should be hired for an online custom writing and research website, my head is always completely into it.

Research writing however, as something that's always pinched my curiosity in the past, has showed itself to be embracing of my words. In a way you could say the actual man-hours I put into it combined with my artsy, almost journalistic style creates an almost perfect domain for the content which I present, content which is found not only online but also from local libraries and from references by experienced professors, some of which I personally know. The time put in to actually dig as deep as possible into the world of your given topic for a research paper is also a teacher, as over time it shows you the right paths and shortcuts to getting the best, rarest, and least known factual information about your given subject of work.

Finally Dedication is something that I strongly believe is quite necessary when doing this kind of work, and it sounds like something that is imperative in every kind of work but especially in this field, due to the fact that you are handing somebody, a real human being, a product as a fruit of your own knowledge and effort.

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